Check back here for updates as findings from the study are released


We are currently in the beginning stages of analyzing our data and will be posting information here related to the findings as they become available. Below you’ll be able to find infographics, videos, presentations, and papers based on the study findings.

Presentation at the 2021 Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health Conference

Drs. L. Zachary DuBois and Jae A. Puckett share findings on resilience and health for transgender and gender diverse people during the COVID-19 pandemic. This presentation was created for the Transgender Professional Association for Transgender Health Conference in 2021. We thank all of the participants involved in this study and our large team of collaborators for their contributions. We particularly wish to acknowledge Cindi SturtzSreetharan, Terra Dunn, Taylor Anderson, Alex Jagielski, and Julia Rohrabaugh for their contributions to this particular analysis and presentation.

Presentation at the 2021 National LGBTQ Health Conference

Drs. Jae Puckett and Zachary DuBois present their poster Structural Stigma and Mental Health: Experiences of Trans & Gender Diverse People Living in Oregon, Michigan, Nebraska, and Tennessee in 2020-2021 for the 2021 National LGBTQ Health Conference.

Infographic Detailing Study Design and Baseline Sample Information

More presentations, publications, and summaries of our findings coming soon!

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